Funding Rounds

A central pillar of the Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa is our direct support instrument for the private sector: a results-based fund offering incentives to energy service providers in rural and peri-urban Africa to grow and scale-up, and reach more under-served people. 

<i>Funding</i> Rounds

Funding rounds are the fuel of BGFA

BGFA supports the expansion of critical energy services to chronically underserved rural and peri-urban areas, against a backdrop of often risky and immature markets. To incentivise providers of energy services to grow, expand and scale-up in these markets, we offer a combination of catalytic and results-based financing incentives to private sector firms with a track record of successfully serving customers with sustainable and inclusive models. BGFA periodically solicits proposals from energy service providers as part of BGFA Funding Rounds. We will publish the next Call for Proposals in September 2020.


Announcement of upcoming call for proposals

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