BGFA3 – Funding Lot #9: Up to EUR 6.2 million

BGFA3 – Funding Lot #9: Up to EUR 6.2 million

Dates open

29/04/2021 - 22/06/2021




€2.0M - €4.0M




Uganda – Funding Lot #9

This LS Funding Window is specifically aimed at attracting developers of Micro-grids (with a capacity range of about 10-150 kW) who are able to demonstrate that they can deploy innovative technology and business models to supply energy access services tailored to customer needs and ability to pay, as well as scale generation capacity to match the growth in actual demand.

Lot#9 is aimed at encouraging Energy Service Providers (ESPs) to test the new mini-grid regulation, which has just entered into force.

Funding Lot#9 has been developed in close cooperation with the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) and the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and it is foreseen that the BGFA Programme will be able to provide technical assistance to these authorities to support the implementation of this Funding Lot.

Applicants/Lead Applicants should demonstrate that the region in which they propose to set up a cluster of Micro-grids is aligned with the electrification zones and targets of relevant Ugandan authorities, including but not limited to the Rural Electrification Masterplan. Applicants/Lead Applicants should ensure that any energy solutions they propose meet all requirements detailed in Ugandan policy frameworks.

Funding Lot#9 also aims to incentivise ESPs offering Micro-grid power for productive use.

Download the Pre-Qualification Guidelines

Pre-Qualification Guidelines for BGFA3

Apply for funding by registering to SmartME intake system

The system will open on 29 April 2021 at 16:00 Helsinki time (+3 UTC).


Questions and answers

For questions related to the on-line application tool and how to submit applications, please visit the SmartMe Intake system’s Support section for guidance.

For questions related to the Call for Proposals, Applicants are kindly invited to post those only via the SmartME Intake system’s Support section as specified in the Guidelines.

All questions and answers related to the Call for Proposals will be provided in a redacted form and at the same time to all Applicants via the SmartME Intake system’s Support section as specified in the Guidelines.