BGFA1 – Funding Lot #1: up to €6.7m
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BGFA1 – Funding Lot #1: up to €6.7m

Dates open

15/09/2020 - 30/10/2020


Mini/micro-grid | Standalone


€1.0m - €2.5m


3 - 4


Burkina Faso – Funding Lot #1

The Burkina Faso Country Programme includes a single Launch to Scale (LS) Funding Window with a Standalone Funding Lot (Funding Lot #1).

Funding Lot#1 is earmarked for Standalone systems, including SHS, clean cooking solutions and systems for productive applications, as well as Nano-grids operating on a rent-to-own/consume-to-own model. Modular technologies that can easily be transported are preferred.

Applicants/Lead Applicants invited to take part in the Final Application stage will be required to demonstrate a high level of security awareness and capabilities, e.g. through the submission of a detailed and robust security plan. The deployment of services to remote and impoverished rural areas may be specifically incentivised, taking into account the security situation and provided that it is possible for Energy Service Providers (ESPs) to establish appropriate and robust security procedures in such areas at the time of project implementation.

Under the Country Programme for Burkina Faso, up to EUR 1 million is set aside for the promotion of productive use-related services.

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Pre-Qualification Guidelines for BGFA1

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Questions and answers

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For questions related to the Call for Proposals, Applicants are kindly invited to post those only via the SmartME Intake system’s Support section as specified in the Guidelines.

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