Lister Sithole & Kennedy Matabula:

Agent of impact

Lister Sithole is a farmer, shopkeeper and Vitalite agent in Chongwe, east of the Zambian capital of Lusaka. A mother of five, she is able to balance home life and business thanks to the flexibility of being an agent. Using one of Vitalite’s solar home systems herself, she can also keep her shop open later at night.

Lister plans to one day open up a short of her own next door, and offer more solutions for the farming community.

Kennedy Matabula is a maize farmer, selling his produce at the Soweto market in Lusaka. He has two systems, and is already planning for his next one.

Agent of impact

“I became interested when I saw other customers with the system. They told me how to buy; it’s extremely affordable thanks to the instalments. It’s not difficult to find 4 Kwacha [USD 0.34] per day.”

Kennedy Matabula
Maize farmer, Chongwe

Kennedy looks at a system in Lister’s shop
Kennedy looks at a system in Lister’s shop

“I’m just a simple farmer. I earn money through the cooperative and used to have very little. I’ve now sold to nearly 130 customers and they are all using the Vitalite system. They are happy customers. People respect me in my village; they know me and trust me. I’m proud to have helped people move to a safer, cheaper option for lighting. Candles are expensive and I’ve helped to give them another solution.”

Lister Sithole
Farmer & VITALITE Zambia agent, Chongwe

Lister with two of her daughters and her grandmother
Lister with two of her daughters and her grandmother

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