BGFA is seeking a new service provider to assist with monitoring and technical assistance
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BGFA is seeking a new service provider to assist with monitoring and technical assistance

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As the Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) expands, in both size and geographic scope, more delivery partners are required to meet the growing needs of the Programme. In this next step towards reaching the target of connecting 6 million off-grid Africans to affordable clean energy access by 2025, programme implementation will be separated from day-to-day monitoring and evaluation.

The Facility Manager, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco), is seeking a new service partner to work alongside the Implementation Manager, the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), with a focus on monitoring and evaluation as well as to provide technical assistance to local authorities and stakeholders to support the contracted Energy Service Providers (ESPs) with their project implementation in order to meet BGFA’s ambitious goals.

The purpose of the Assignment is:

(1) to support Nefco in generally monitoring ESPs’ project implementation progress and verifying that results forming basis for ESPs payments request have been meet; and

(2) to provide technical assistance (TA) support to local Government institutions relevant for the off-grid space in each of the target countries, including but not limited to, market and pricing systems development; policy, licensing and regulatory framework development while working with a range of local and international stakeholders (including local donor Embassies and other relevant off-grid space donors) with the aim to generally improve market conditions through a combination of capacity building and TA (excluding ESPs who are offered targeted business TA provided by a separate service provider), stakeholder outreach and market intelligence.

It is expected that the number of projects to be monitored under this Assignment will be up to 30 with an individual contract size ranging from EUR 1 million to EUR 4 million. The Consultant will work alongside REEEP, the current BGFA Implementation Manager.

In order to meet the objectives of the Assignment, the Consultant shall undertake the following main activities/tasks:

For Component 1:

  • General monitoring of ESPs’ implementation of BGFA funded projects ensuring progress in compliance with contracts signed between Nefco and the ESPs, including impact indicators and targets in line with the BGFA monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework such as people’s increased access to energy, number of jobs created, effects on women and girls and on youth and climate;
  • Verifying that results/milestones forming basis for payment requests have been met; and
  • Preparing annual status assessments, including review of financial reports.

For Component 2:

  • Institutional support is envisioned to be modelled on, but tailored to local conditions, the Off-Grid Energy Task Force established in Zambia (under the pilot programme, Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (BGFZ)) to engage a range of local and international stakeholders to improve market conditions through a combination of capacity building and TA, stakeholder outreach and market intelligence development;
  • Continued support to the Off-Grid Task Force in Zambia and establishment of an Off-Grid Energy Task Force or similar in each of the other project countries, which gathers stakeholders from the government, donor agencies, finance, and the private sector to coordinate activities, share challenges and opportunities, and agree on priorities for action to strengthen the enabling environment for the off-grid market;
  • While foreseeing that the Task Forces or similar ad hoc can also provide hands-on capacity building and TA to institutions on demand, it may also as appropriate establish thematic working groups e.g., to clarify and improve import regulations for solar energy products and appliances designed for use with solar home systems, draft policies to regulate the construction and operation of mini-grids, in consultation with the private sector, clarify land rights regulations to de-risk investment in mini-grids etc.

Assignment start date and duration: The Assignment is expected to start in Q2, 2022 and last for up to 60 months, depending on the country programmes.

Maximum budget available for the Assignments: Up to EUR 7 million, or up to EUR 1.4 million p.a. (exclusive of VAT) to be tentatively divided up to EUR 5 million for Component 1 and up to EUR 2 million for Component 2.

Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions on the nationality of the Consultant.

Clarifications: Any possible enquires by 8.10.2021 will be clarified by 15.10.2021 in the procurement section on Nefco’s website.

For more information kindly download the Expression of Interest documentation.

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